Traffic Safety

SFUSD K-5 Public Elementary School

Once again, we have student crossing guards participating in supporting morning and after school traffic safety on Darien Way and San Fernando Street. The program will be open to 5th grade students. We will cap this cadre of Cadets at 25 students total.

Students will once again receive thorough training from Officer Edie Lewis and Officer Jeff Levin so that they know exactly what to do and how to promote safety while also keeping themselves safe.

Students who participate will need to commit to a consistent assigned day, and must report to an adult supervisor at 8:15 for the morning slot or 2:30 for the after-school slot. Their shifts will run 30 minutes. Regular shifts will allow parents and families to plan accordingly. Students will receive service credits, an ice-cream party at the end of the year and the whole cadet squad will go to a field trip together – date and time to be announced!. Most of all, we hope to instill the value of service to the community – a lasting life skill.

Once again, special thanks to Supervisor Norman Yee for securing revenue to support this program in three schools, to Commander Ali for supporting the training of students, to Officers Lewis and Levin for training the squad – and to Associate Superintendent Kevin Truitt for helping us work through the implementation details. Lakeshore and Alice Fong Yu will likely join us this year so the movement is growing. Learn more about the importance of this program. You’ll find out an interesting back story.

Forms coming soon