Looking for a way to volunteer, but you aren’t able to come to school during the day? No problem, there are plenty of ways to help out that don’t involve being at school.

  • Be a room parent – check with your teacher about their requirements. There are many ways you can help the class without being at school.
  • Serve on the PCO board – the board meets once a month in the evenings and conducts much of their business by e-mail. There is childcare available by on-site YMCA during meetings if you need it. Check the PCO contacts list for details on positions.
  • Solicit items for the silent auction.
  • Do Chinese or Spanish translations – send an e-mail to volunteer@sloatparents.org if you’re interested. This can be done entirely by e-mail. Traditional Chinese translations preferred.
  • Make a donation –  You can give it to your child’s teacher or put it in the locked PCO mailbox in the office.
  • Annual School Auction
    Held on a Saturday night in early March
    This is our largest fundraising event and it’s for grown-ups only. Volunteer to help produce an evening of fun that includes a silent auction, live auction, and our famous buy-in parties all while enjoying delicious food and drinks.
    Chairperson: Mary Wilson
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer your time with set-up or break-down in two hour shifts. Plus you can help solicit donations, create the coveted one-of-a-kind classroom art projects, or offer to host a buy-in party (for kids and/or adults only).
    Volunteers Needed: 20
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • 5th Grade Graduation
    If your student is graduating, expect to offer some financial support for the 5th grade yearbook, overnight field trip, and graduation party. 4th grade parents pay it forward and organize the event.
    Volunteers Needed: 2-3 per class
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Grant Research & Writing Team
    On average Sloat is annually awarded $5,000-7,000 in grants which goes toward supplementing what SFUSD provides and enriches the space, facilities, or supplies for all students on campus.
    Chairpersons: Stacey Estes, Inger Meyer, & Missy Hall
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer an hour in the evening once a month to research available grants in the area that Sloat is seeking funding, or take a stab at writing the grant yourself!
    Volunteers Needed: 4
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Parent Education Night Team
    Coordinate an evening with a speaker specialized in addressing a particular topic that our Sloat parent community would like to know more about.
    Chairperson: Teresa Fitzgerald
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: ~5 hours total spread out from September through March.
    Volunteers Needed: 2
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • PCO Board
    Each year we need to fill approximately 8 board positions and several committee chair positions.
    This is an excellent way to involve yourself in the school community and help Sloat continue to grow and thrive.
    Volunteers Needed: 8
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Room Parents
    Room Parents are a crucial part of helping our teachers and community. They help coordinate volunteer requests from the teachers with the parents.
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: This is an ongoing position that lasts for the school year. Most of the work happens outside of school hours. The room parents organize field trip chaperones, help fundraise for larger field trips, and promote school-wide events and volunteer opportunities. They also organize with corresponding grade level room parents for class potlucks. English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin speakers are welcome!
    Volunteers Needed: 2-3 per class
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • SFUSD Parent Liaison
    Help keep Sloat apprised of pertinent updates and/or changes that will directly affect our school, and share your learnings on how to best help usher in those changes or effectively voice our concerns.
    Chairperson: This is a new volunteer opportunity this year, so the Chairperson(s) position is open at this time.
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: On average 1-2 hours per month.
    Volunteers Needed: 4
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Sloat Stride
    Held on a Friday in mid October
    This is our annual walk or jog-a-thon, and one of our biggest fundraisers.
    Chairpersons: Haydee Campos and Jean Wheeler
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Sloat Stride is from 9am – 12pm. You can help out during the event for a few hours, or you can help with the organization of the event. We need volunteers to provide water and popsicles for runners, to help students track their completed laps, to collect pledge money and organize prizes.
    Volunteers: The more the merrier!
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
    Tuesday, May 7, 2019
    Contribute a dish to our teacher appreciation luncheon or help with set-up and/or clean-up.
    Volunteers Needed: 3-4 for set-up and clean-up, the more the merrier for the potluck!
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Tech Committee
    Meet several times a year to discuss the status of the current technology throughout the school as well as ideas and needs for the future. In addition, periodic maintenance and updates are needed on the classroom computers, laptops, or tablets.
    Chairperson: Heather Lee (5th grade teacher)
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Four meetings throughout the year and occasional 30 mins of help right after drop-off or just before pick-up.
    Volunteers Needed: 6
    If interested, please emailvolunteers@sloatparents.org
  • Translation and Interpretation Team
    Bridging our community together is a top priority and one way is through language. Whether it’s translating a written document that’s sent out to our Sloat families or doing on-the-spot interpreting/translation during a whole school community event (i.e. back to school night) together we are all able to learn the pertinent information from our Principal, PCO, and SSC.
    Chairpersons: Helen Han & Rica Tseng
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer your time with translating a document or being available to provide spoken translation at a few critical all-school events. All languages welcome!
    Volunteers Needed: 4
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org

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