Interested in volunteering at school? Here are some ways to help if you are able to be at school during the day:

  • We are looking for a parent volunteer to be our IT overseer. If you have those skills and a desire to help, please send an e-mail to as soon as possible.
  • Work in the classroom – Contact your child’s teacher or roomparents to determine their needs. Could be reading with students, making copies, tidying up the classroom.
  • Help in the library – visit the library page for more info or to sign up.
  • Take photographs at an event, like Pumpkin Patch, Sloat Stride, or Rainbow-A-Fair.
  • Volunteer at a special event or for a specific job, like the Book Fair, the Pumpkin Patch, or Sloat Stride. See more below
  • Chaperone a field trip – Contact your child’s teacher/roomparents.
  • Come to a Green-Up Clean-Up day – Check the calendar for upcoming dates.


  • Cultural Assemblies
    We have 4 main cultural assemblies during the year,
    and we need volunteers to help plan and organize them.
    October ‘17 – Indigenous Peoples
    January ‘18 – Lunar New Year
    February ‘18 – African American Heritage
    May ‘18 – Cinco De Mayo
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Some evening hours to help plan the assembly in the weeks leading up to the event. We also need people to spend a few hours setting up and decorating for the assemblies.
    Volunteers Needed: 2-4 for each assembly
    If interested, please email
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  • 5th Grade Graduation
    If your student is graduating, expect to offer some financial support for the 5th grade yearbook, overnight field trip, and graduation party. 4th grade parents pay it forward and organize the event.
    Volunteers Needed: 2-3 per class
    If interested, please email


  • Green Spaces & Stewardship Committee
    Help keep our beautiful campus healthy and green! Through our Green Space initiatives and Stewardship program Sloat’s campus has several natural classroom spaces and reflection garden areas, but these areas don’t take care of themselves. We need volunteers to help maintain and improve upon these areas, while also teaching students about caring for and keeping our outdoor natural surroundings thriving. Together we are all stewards.
    Chairperson: Stacey Estes
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer an hour (or two) just after drop off or before pick up with a Green Space meeting and/or Stewardship Day special project.
    Volunteers Needed: 6
    If interested, please email


  • Invention Fair
    April 6, 2018
    Celebrate the young inventors here at Sloat as students showcase their creative designs and problem solving skills. Plus there are several hands-on interactive science activities for all to explore and enjoy.
    Chairperson: Danica Fujimori
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer your time with set-up or break-down, help usher classrooms through the Fair during the school day, or help run a hands-on science station in the evening. Shifts are 8:30am-2:30pm & 5:30-8:30pm.
    Volunteers Needed: 12
    If interested, please email


  • Kindergarten Ambassadors
    Help make incoming Kindergarteners and their families feel welcome when they join our school. We’re looking for some parents to be at Sloat on assessment day in May 2018 and coordinate playdates during Summer 2018. Ideal volunteers are current Sloat families with incoming Kindergarteners.
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Help set-up/clean-up and staff assessment day in May 2018. Plan and coordinate 3 summer playdates in 2018.
    Volunteers Needed: 4
    If interested, please


  • Muscle Crew
    Every so often Sloat is in need of a few strong hands and maybe even a power tool or two. Sometimes it’s a heavy shelf that needs to be moved, or a teacher needs help installing a new projector screen. Whatever the type of project, this Crew is critical to helping keep our classrooms and school moving forward so all of our students thrive and our spaces are utilized to the best of their ability.
    Chairperson: Laura Derosier
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: ~5 times a year we will need about 30 mins of help right after drop-off or just before pick-up.
    Volunteers Needed: 6
    If interested, please email


  • Picture Day
    Tuesday, September 26
    Come and help things run smoothly on Sloat’s picture day.
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Early shift is from 8:15am – 11:15am. Late shift is from 11:15am – 2:15pm. You are also welcome to work all day. Assist production company with setting up for the photos, ensuring kids look their best, checking names and students, and keeping an orderly process to ensure expediency of photos.
    Volunteers Needed: The more the merrier!
    If interested, please email


  • Scholastic Book Fair
    Weeks of 9/5 – 9/8/17 and 3/5 – 3/9/18
    Help promote literacy and a love of reading by helping out at the book fair. We’ll help kids identify books they’d like to read and create wish lists to bring home to their families. The book fair is a great fundraiser, a great way for us to build our classroom libraries, and an excellent way to get to know Sloat kids!
    Chairpersons: Deanna Dobson and Melba Policicchio
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: There are two book fairs held during the year: the week of Back-to-School Night and mid-year during conference week. There are shifts during and after school, and one evening per week (9/7/17 and 3/8/18).
    Volunteers Needed: 20
    If interested, please email


  • School Tours
    Help show off our school to potential new parents! Share the love of Sloat — you know more than you think!
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Tuesdays from 9-10am in October through January, with approximately 4 additional tours in the winter/spring. You don’t need to attend every tour. Lead a tour group through the school and tell them why Commodore Sloat is so fabulous.
    Volunteers Needed: 3 per week
    If interested, please email


  • Sloat Stride
    Friday, October 13
    This is our annual walk or jog-a-thon, and one of our biggest fundraisers.
    Chairpersons: Haydee Campos and Jean Wheeler
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Sloat Stride is from 9am – 12pm. You can help out during the event for a few hours, or you can help with the organization of the event. We need volunteers to provide water and popsicles for runners, to help students track their completed laps, to collect pledge money and organize prizes.
    Volunteers: The more the merrier!
    If interested, please


  • Talent Show
    Friday, March 16, 2018
    Volunteer your time at auditions, dress rehearsal, or during one of the two performances of the talent show.
    Chairperson: Amy Edelson
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Spend a couple of hours or a whole day helping make sure the students are ready for their audition appointments or performances.
    Volunteers Needed: The more the merrier!
    If interested, please


  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
    Tuesday, May 8, 2018
    Contribute a dish to our teacher appreciation luncheon or help with set-up and/or clean-up.
    Volunteers Needed: 3-4 for set-up and clean-up, the more the merrier for the potluck!
    If interested, please email


  • Tech Committee
    Meet several times a year to discuss the status of the current technology throughout the school as well as ideas and needs for the future. In addition, periodic maintenance and updates are needed on the classroom computers, laptops, or tablets.
    Chairperson: Heather Lee (5th grade teacher)
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Four meetings throughout the year and occasional 30 mins of help right after drop-off or just before pick-up.
    Volunteers Needed: 6
    If interested, please


  • Translation and Interpretation Team
    Bridging our community together is a top priority and one way is through language. Whether it’s translating a written document that’s sent out to our Sloat families or doing on-the-spot interpreting/translation during a whole school community event (i.e. back to school night) together we are all able to learn the pertinent information from our Principal, PCO, and SSC.
    Chairpersons: Helen Han & Rica Tseng
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer your time with translating a document or being available to provide spoken translation at a few critical all-school events. All languages welcome!
    Volunteers Needed: 4
    If interested, please


  • Wednesday Envelopes
    Help stuff envelopes for all the students in your child’s class.
    Chairperson: Melba Policicchio
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: We need help once a week, on Wednesday mornings following drop-off for 20-30 minutes. Stuff informational flyers and classroom newsletters into manila envelopes for every child to take home.
    Volunteers Needed: 2-3 per class, on a rotating schedule. Only 1 parent per class is needed each week.
    If interested, please

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