Have some time in the afternoons or evenings? Then consider these easy and fun volunteer jobs:

  • Event Food Sales
    We sell dinner and/or baked goods at several Community Building events to raise money for the annual fund, special field trips, and the 5th grade graduation fund. We need help organizing and running these sales.
    Events with food sales include:
    Back to School Night (9/7/17)
    The December Holiday Sing-Along (12/20/17)
    Math Night and Literacy Night (TBD)
    The Talent Show (3/16/18)
    The Invention Fair (4/6/18)
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: The day of the event we need help with set-up/clean-up and food sales.
    Volunteers Needed: 2-3 per event
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • Invention Fair
    April 6, 2018
    Celebrate the young inventors here at Sloat as students showcase their creative designs and problem solving skills. Plus there are several hands-on interactive science activities for all to explore and enjoy.
    Chairperson: Danica Fujimori
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer your time with set-up or break-down, help usher classrooms through the Fair during the school day, or help run a hands-on science station in the evening. Shifts are 8:30am-2:30pm & 5:30-8:30pm.
    Volunteers Needed: 12
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • Parent Education Night Team
    Coordinate an evening with a speaker specialized in addressing a particular topic that our Sloat parent community would like to know more about.
    Chairperson: Teresa Fitzgerald
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: ~5 hours total spread out from September through March.
    Volunteers Needed: 2
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • PCO Board
    Each year we need to fill approximately 8 board positions and several committee chair positions.
    This is an excellent way to involve yourself in the school community and help Sloat continue to grow and thrive.
    Volunteers Needed: 8
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • Pumpkin Patch
    Friday, October 27
    This is a fun fall event that the students really enjoy. Parent volunteers turn the upper yard into a pumpkin patch for one day. Students visit the patch during school hours, take a class photo, and pick a pumpkin to take home.
    Chairpersons: Allyson Rupp and Rachel Fasten
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: We need at least one person to take class photos – this could be an all-day job, or can be split among volunteers. Volunteers are also needed to set up and decorate the yard from 8-9am. Come for a 1-hour shift and help students find and label their pumpkins. Then help pose the class for their photos.
    Volunteers Needed: 10
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • Scholastic Book Fair
    Weeks of 9/5 – 9/8/17 and 3/5 – 3/9/18
    Help promote literacy and a love of reading by helping out at the book fair. We’ll help kids identify books they’d like to read and create wish lists to bring home to their families. The book fair is a great fundraiser, a great way for us to build our classroom libraries, and an excellent way to get to know Sloat kids!
    Chairpersons: Deanna Dobson and Melba Policicchio
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: There are two book fairs held during the year: the week of Back-to-School Night and mid-year during conference week. There are shifts during and after school, and one evening per week (9/7/17 and 3/8/18).
    Volunteers Needed: 20
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • Talent Show
    Friday, March 16, 2018
    Volunteer your time at auditions, dress rehearsal, or during one of the two performances of the talent show.
    Chairperson: Amy Edelson
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Spend a couple of hours or a whole day helping make sure the students are ready for their audition appointments or performances.
    Volunteers Needed: The more the merrier!
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.org


  • Translation and Interpretation Team
    Bridging our community together is a top priority and one way is through language. Whether it’s translating a written document that’s sent out to our Sloat families or doing on-the-spot interpreting/translation during a whole school community event (i.e. back to school night) together we are all able to learn the pertinent information from our Principal, PCO, and SSC.
    Chairpersons: Helen Han & Rica Tseng
    Responsibilities and Time Commitment: Volunteer your time with translating a document or being available to provide spoken translation at a few critical all-school events. All languages welcome!
    Volunteers Needed: 4
    If interested, please email volunteers@sloatparents.orgBack to Get Involved