What is a Buy-In Party?

A Buy-In Party is an event you host as part of the auction fundraiser. People sign up at the auction by buying a slot to attend your party or event.  Last year buy-in parties raised over $17,000 at the auction – so they are very popular and a great way to participate in the auction! The host decides:

    • The theme of the party
    • The location (at their home or out in the community)
    • Who the party is for (adults, children or families)
    • The number of participants who can come to the party
    • The date and starting bid to attend the party

Your efforts to organize and host the party are your donation to Commodore Sloat. Consider co-hosting a party with one or more people to share labor and offset costs. Many buy-in parties can be done with very little expense

Once you are ready to sign up, fill out this form with the details!

Some examples of Buy-In Parties (and, yes, you are welcome to steal these ideas and make them your own):

For Adults:

  • “Take a Hike around Angel Island and eat a Picnic Lunch”. Hosts will pick up the cost of the ferry ride and will provide lunch – you get to enjoy the food, company, beautiful setting and satisfaction of some good exercise without the hassle of organizing any of it. Limited to ten hikers.
  • “Team in Training” Join your fellow Sloat parents in this 12-week training program for the distance of choice at the Bridge to Bridge. You will meet as a group once a week and set goals and workout schedules to prepare you for your big event. The Bridge to Bridge the culmination of your hard work, takes place October 2011. Top 12 bidders make the team.
  • “Farm to Table” Dinner. Hosts will take you around the farmers market and pick-up dinner then come back and cook a 5-course meal paired with wines that will be seasonal fresh and have you singing praises to the farmers. Top 8 bidders enjoy the spoils.
  • Traditional Family Dinner. Hosts to treat you to their native cuisine – aka Indian, Chinese, Dim Sum, Latin American. Try dishes passed down from their families and taste a new culture that will excite the palate and learn to make new dishes of your own. Top 6 bidders enjoy a culinary adventure!

For Kids:

  • English Tea Party for 8 (drop-off) – host dress-up tea party in your home – serve ‘tea sandwiches’ with all the accoutrements and make tea cookies to bring home
  • Lego Party for 8 (drop-off) – host a build and keep it Lego party where kids can build to their hearts content and bring home any creation they make. Serve snack or lunch along the way to keep their creative minds at play.
  • Tide Pool Discovery for 6 – walk along Fitzgerald Marine Reserve during low tide and discover the plants and animals around them. Bring some magnifying glasses to see all the details in the pools and what surrounds them. Serve a snack or picnic on the beach.

I hope these ideas will spark your imagination and help you find new and interesting ways to donate to the auction. As always, feel free to email with any questions.