Set agenda and preside over Board meetings, call special meetings, set calendar for upcoming year with the Principal, and other presidential duties.


Keep accurate records of all Board meetings, post notification of meetings, prepare meeting minutes.


Deposit all PCO funds, pay bills, keep account records and provide monthly reports, set-up the annual budget to be approved by the Board. Experience with QuickBooks software is desirable.

Co-VP of Ongoing Programs

Manage enrichment programs in concert with the Principal (i.e. P.E., gardening, artist in residence, etc.).

Co-VP of Special Events

Oversee special events throughout the year and support the Chairpersons of those events, for example Sloat Stride, Book Fair, Pumpkin Patch, Sloat Social, Holiday Sing Along, etc.

Co-VP of Volunteers

Recruit room parents, recruit chairpersons of standing committees, coordinate volunteers for special events as needed, etc.

Co-VP of Communications

Send out communications via the Wednesday Bulletin and Newsletter. Set-up ParentSquare each school year, send out announcements as needed, and update the website with new school information.

Co-VP of Afterschool Programs

Act as or recruit an Afterschool Enrichment Program Coordinator, act as Board liaison with that Coordinator to ensure this program’s needs are met.