3rd Grade – Mr Robertson

My students need chrome books to help them researching and writing on laptops.

My Project

Students will be able to practice their keyboarding skills, which creates a great foundation. This foundation will help students become familiar with creating, sending and receiving documents on-line, which will benefit them the rest of their lives. As my class becomes more comfortable using the technology, it will open up the chance for them to do various research projects on just about any subject. These chrome books will be used as reading and writing aids, with speech to text functions and read aloud ability, as well as a motivation for students to produce high quality final drafts. The students will be able to create videos and slide shows to reinforce learning throughout the year.

3rd Grade – Ms Gee

Standing Up to Learning

My Project

his year, I’m realizing how students learn differently. I can’t assume or expect my students to sit quietly and consume the taught lessons, rather they are vibrant, engaging learners that move and shake, and have a voice in their learning. I’ve already raised my desks to be taller, and many students still would prefer their desk to be even taller. They’re productive when I don’t limit how they work, sitting or standing, as long as they’re working and respecting the learning community. I have about half my students who prefer not to sit. I am asking for standing desks, so the students do not have to be confined to a chair, rather they can stand and work.

As classrooms evolve to improve student health and engagement, studies prove the benefits of sit/stand desks in aiding childhood health, and student collaboration.

I have noticed with allowing students to stand they are more engaged, and when working in groups, the groups prefer to stand too.