Don’t want to solicit a local merchant for the silent auction? How about creating a party to auction off? These are REALLY popular and can include play dates, dinner parties, cooking classes, and more! They’re a great opportunity for Sloat families to socialize and help make the auction more successful!


  1. Pick a date and time in advance, decide how many people can come, and determine a cost per person. This information will be published in the auction catalog and on the bid sheet.
  2. The bid sheet is a sign-up: First-come, first serve for a flat price. Most parties range from $10-50 per person, depending on the activity.
  3. You as the host are responsible for all party costs so that 100 percent of the money raised goes to the school. Try and set a price that will be reasonable for families. For the most part, people coming to an auction want to feel like they’re getting a deal, so don’t price it too high. But don’t price it too low either!
  4. Ideally, set your party to take place between the auction date and the end of school. It’s harder to commit to a summertime party if you’re not sure about your summer plans.


  • A do-it-yourself pizza party on Saturday, April 13 from noon-3pm for 8 kids, $10 per person. The school gets $80!
  • A movie party for ladies only (this year, someone is throwing an 80’s Movie Party!)
  • Fancy dinner cooked by your famous chef friend on Friday, 29 at 7pm for 8 couples, $100 per couple. School gets a whopping $800!!!!
  • High tea party for 10 girls, $15 per girl. School gets $150!
  • Make a stop-action movie, for 5 kids, $25 per kid. School gets $125

Use your imagination and get your kids’ help too!


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