Sloat Strong Dance-a-Thon

SFUSD K-5 Public Elementary School

Get ready for the Sloat Strong Dance-a-Thon! Instead of our in person Sloat Stride Jog-a-Thon, we are keeping our kids moving and supporting our many Sloat programs like dance, art, music and other enrichments.
Coach Denise Lujan will be helping our kids prepare for the Dance-a-Thon during their weekly PE classes. Then, students will dance for 20 minutes while their pedometers count their every step during the week of October 26-30. At the end of the dance-a-thon, students’ steps will be recorded and they’ll celebrate!

Support our students and our school by donating to this event. You can pledge either an amount per step or a set amount for the event and pay by check via mail or by check or credit card through the Dance-a-thon website at

Further information is available at the event website ( We estimate that students will be recording between 100-200 steps per minute.