Wednesday Envelope Instructions
Do you need to get a flyer into the Wednesday envelope? Read on for details on how to do it. We can only distribute school-related information.

  1. Get approval from Principal Abdolcader & one PCO co-president (reachable via
  2. Get it translated into Chinese and Spanish, too if you can. Online translator is acceptable for Spanish, but not for Chinese. SFUSD requires 3 weeks for Chinese translation, or you can arrange to have it translated by someone you know.
  3. Make the correct number of copies on the RISO in the teachers lounge. Check instructions on top of RISO for numbers. Some families prefer to receive school-wide mailings by e-mail, so use the opt-out numbers for school-wide mailings. Use double-sided or half sheets when possible. Collate copies into piles for the classes. The classes are in the same order on the instruction sheet as they appear at the staff mailboxes, so if you keep your stacks in order, you don’t have to pay close attention to which pile goes in which box. For the current copy list, send an email to
  4. Distribute piles to Wednesday Envelope coordinator (Melba).
  5. Put a copy in Ms. Ma’s Wednesday Envelope binder. If school-wide mailing, send an electronic copy to for opt-out families to receive by e-mail.

Any questions? Send an e-mail to

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