Commodore Sloat has a variety of ways of communicating with families:


Morning Circle: every morning students gather at the Upper Yard labyrinth (nearest Darien Way and San Fernando street) at 8:40am. All students line up by classroom with their teacher, while Principal Abdolcader begins with announcements. Parents area always welcome to attend Morning Circle, and walk their child to their classroom. Along with announcements, the students do the following before heading to class:

  • Mondays: the students recite the Commodore Sloat pledge, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Tuesdays: the PE teachers lead the school through exercises with “Twisted Tuesday”
  • Wednesdays: We celebrate all the birthdays that week
  • Thursdays: We take a moment
  • Fridays: Student of the Week from each class are announced

Wednesday Envelope: every Wednesday, students are sent home with a manila envelope stocked with flyers, calendars and announcements. Often, teachers will send home a weekly update on classroom work. Fundraising, school lunch menus, and district announcements can be found in the envelope. Want info on how to get your announcement into the Wednesday Envelope?

Wednesday Bulletin: the bulletin is a 2-page document sent home in the Wednesday envelope and via email with news and events of the upcoming weeks. If you are not receiving the email, please send an email to with your info and child’s name and classroom.

Communications/Announcements email: announcements are sent to individual grades and classrooms, and can be funneled through room parents via unique email lists.

SloatNotes: sign up for this email-only yahoo group for any parent to reach out to the Commodore Sloat community. This an unofficial list for posting information within the parent community. Subscribe at or visit the group here.

Facebook: Check out the Commodore Sloat Facebook page for daily updates on events. “Like” us!

Website: The Commodore Sloat website,, has information on the school, community and family resources. Check back for news and posts by staff and PCO members.

Email with feedback on our communications or if you would like to help!