At Sloat, we believe that the time students spend in extracurricular programs gives them valuable life skills as well as boosting their academic performance.

Student Council

Students in grades 3-5 can participate in Student Council. The Council meets regularly with the principal and discusses school-related issues and projects. The Council also meets with the lower grades to get their input. The students gain important leadership skills in Student Council, as well as learning to work as a group to create change.

Service Club

The 4th and 5th grades formed a service club several years ago. Created by Sloat 5th grade Science & Math teacher Libbie Schock, the club fosters a sense of community service in our students, as well as a feeling of pride in the school. The projects vary depending on what kind of help is needed around school. They work hard to keep our vast campus neat and tidy by sorting recyclables and compostables, picking up trash, and taking items found on the playground to the lost and found. They also work as lunch club monitors (lunch club is supervised games and activities in the library at lunch.)