This is my first year of full time teaching in a classroom, but my third year at Commodore Sloat School. I am very excited to be at such a great school working with Ms. Leishman, and all the staff at Sloat. I earned my Bachelors in Mathematics at the University of San Francisco, where I also completed my Masters in Teaching through an accelerated program. In my last semester at USF, I completed my full-time student teaching at Commodore Sloat and haven’t left since! I have worked in third grade for temporary teaching positions lasting more than two months and as the English Learner support teacher for upper grades.
Some of my favorite hobbies include, hiking, running, walking my dog, making candles and traveling. I recently backpacked through Eastern Europe for a month in the summer with a close friend. A personal goal of mine is to travel to each continent and learn about different cultures through experiences instead of the internet!
I’m very enthusiastic to experience and learn from everyone at Sloat, and especially to learn and work with the wonderful students that walk through our doors!