Ms. Amber Mansir, 3rd grade

SFUSD K-5 Public Elementary School

I am a city girl. I grew up in the Inner Sunset in San Francisco. I went to Yerba Buena Elementary in the Marina District for Kindergarten until second grade, and then I went to Discovery Center from third to the eighth grade.

Something you don’t know about me is that I was the first African American to grace the cover of Star of the Sea Academy’s brochure, my high school. In high school, I joined the Medical Explorers and Skate patrol during my free time. I loved to roller-skate and was able to skate freely through all Golden Gate Park with my fellow Skate patrol members. In college, it was fun being a part of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and living in the dorms. I received my BA degree in Liberal Studies and a California Teaching Credential with the emphasis on early childhood education, from San Francisco State University.

I love to read, shop and to travel. My free time is spent going to museums, musicals and plays with my daughter Hayley. We had fun with the cast of Porgy and Bess and meeting Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) during our summers in NYC.

I decided to become a teacher after working at FHC preschool as a teenager. I saw the joy and excitement in one of the preschooler’s face, after I showed her how to use an eraser. It made me feel happy to teach her something new. That’s what I love about Commodore Sloat as well, the joy in all my students’ faces when they learn a new fact or about writing their own books. The teachers, principal, staff, students, and all their families made me feel a part of Sloat’s community, since the first day I started teaching at Commodore Sloat sixteen years ago. It’s a great place to be!

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