My name is Daniela Braga.  This my first year as an elementary school teacher.  I have obtained my teaching credential from San Francisco State University.  I was a student teacher at a kindergarten and fourth grade classes for the last three semesters. Previously, I was a preschool teacher.  My educational background is in psychology, and education is a career change and my life calling.
I have an open door policy and I encourage all parents to come into my classroom at any time.  Research findings have consistently found that a strong connection between home and school has very positive academic outcomes.  There are many different ways to establish a strong home-school connection, please let me know how I may include you as part of our learning community!  I check my email frequently and that is the best way to get in touch with me.
I am truly excited to be teaching at Commodore Sloat Elementary School. It is an honor to be the Designated English Language Development teacher for a school district and school site that are so committed to diversity and social justice.  I am looking forward to inspire and be inspired by our students.  To join hands and actively create a learning space that is safe, warm and loving. I am a firm believer of Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset philosophy.  I welcome and expect mistakes, I praise the process and the effort. In our learning community there is a space for every learner, and individual efforts and hard-work are celebrated and cherished by all students.  Respect is the most important ingredient for healthy social interactions amongst all members of our community.
Welcome students and families!