Ms. Kathleen Loia, Kindergarten

SFUSD K-5 Public Elementary School

I started teaching Kindergarten at Sloat in the nineties and still believe it was the perfect placement for me. There’s something about the wonder of the 5-year-old that speaks to my heart… and makes me laugh (plus the artwork is unbeatable). I came to SF from the east coast after finishing college at Rutgers, and received my credential at SF State. I have a fifth grade daughter here at Sloat and thankfully she likes to travel as much as I do, so she’s my adventure buddy. Reading is big at our house, but a good movie with lots of popcorn is rarely taken for granted. Board games are usually a part of each weekend and right now I dare say I am the Parcheesi champion. Coming to work rarely feels like a job to me thanks to the movie star status we Kindergarten teachers often enjoy, but the love is mutual… these kids rock! 🙂

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