Commodore Sloat has a dedicated staff of amazing teachers and leaders.Click on a staffer’s name to view their bio.


Fowzigiah Abdolcader

School Secretary

Ms. Sau Wei Ma
Susie Thoresen (Office Assistant)


Ms. Kathleen Loia

Ms. Colleen Wentworth

Ms. Jana Walsh

1st grade

Ms. Margaret Reyes

Ms. Belinda Kell

Ms. Carol Siddle

2nd grade

Ms. Amelia Depue / Ms. Amber Cameron

Ms. Janice Reilly

Ms. Tricia Wong

3rd grade

Ms. Eliza Gee

Ms. Amber Mansir

Mr. Martin Robertson

4th grade

Ms. Carrie Kabash

Mr. David Kenney

5th grade

Ms. Heather Lee

Ms. Daniela Braga



Ms. Kate EganMs. Victoria Rosales


School Social Worker

Ms. Hope Burns


Special Education

Ms. Victoria Rosales


School Psychologist

Mr. Mark Haugen


ELD Teacher

Ms. Daniela Braga



Ms. Ruth Haley



Ms. Jessica Lei and Ms. Sally Ang



Kylee Pinten
Grace Rinaldi
Joan Pulizzano
Trine Albildgren
Annie Wu (Bilingual)


Math Specialist:

Gianna Shields


Education Outside:

Carson Welte


PE Coaches

Denise Lujan
Pam Lim


Cafeteria: Valerie Davison