We are so lucky to have such an amazing team of teachers at Commodore Sloat. Our teachers show up every day, meeting each child where they are, supporting their students in every way and pushing them to reach their greatest potential. Our teachers have an average tenure of over 8 years. Our teachers are part of Sloat’s vibrant and inclusive community, and our administration and parent community works hard to support them in their critical work.
Click here to read more about Sloat’s teaching staff. At Commodore Sloat, our parent-teacher-community organization takes the form of a PCO. Every parent at Sloat is a member of the PCO; the board is made up of committed volunteers who work in specific areas to make sure that our school is welcoming, inclusive, enriching and engaging. Each PCO Board position runs for two years, and each position is shared by two different people, who’s terms are staggered. This ensures that the knowledge is always passed down from one person to the next, and offers an opportunity to work as a team, maximizing strengths and sharing duties.
Click here to learn more about Sloat’s PCO, and to see who is on this year’s PCO Board.