Fall Scholastic Book Fair

The Book Fair is extremely popular with the students, and a great way to encourage a love of books – while raising funds for our school! In past years, each class visits the book fair during school hours, and each child makes a wish list of books they hope their parents/guardians will let them buy. Teachers also make a wish list so students and parents can add to their classroom libraries.

As we continue to have distance learning the Sloat book fair will be online this year. The online fair will run for two weeks from September 21 -October 4.

Help promote literacy and a love of reading by shopping our fair. All orders will ship direct to home with free shipping on book-only orders over $25. All purchases will benefit our school and connect kids with new books, favorite characters, complete series, and more. Starting September 21st, familes will be able to visit our fbook air at: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/sloat and click shop now.

The Book Fair is an important fundraiser that directly supports Sloat’s library, keeping our shelves full of quality books of all genres as well as tech equipment and supplies.

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