SLOAT INVENTION FAIR, Thursday, April 27

We are so excited for the 1st annual Sloat Invention Fair happening this Thursday, April 27th in the auditorium. Over *70 Sloat student inventors will be showcasing their inventions with the underlying theme of “Healthy World”.

All classrooms will have an opportunity to visit the Invention Fair during the day 12-2:30pm. Then in the evening, the Invention Fair will open up to our entire Sloat community from 6:30-8pm where in addition to all of the inventions on display in the auditorium, we will also be hosting San Francisco’s very own Exploratorium with several of their traveling interactive exhibits, plus UCSF will be sponsoring three exciting hands-on Science Stations for all to enjoy and explore.

Dinner will be available for $5 in the cafeteria from 5:30-6:30pm with pizza and “invent your own salad” sponsored by Whole Foods.

*If your child is one of the 70 inventors please see the pertinent details below:

  • have your child bring their invention into the auditorium on Thursday morning at drop off
  • after we receive your child’s invention (and label it appropriately with both their name and title of their invention) they will head to morning circle while we continue to set up the auditorium to accommodate all of the inventions in an easy-to-travel-through exhibit
  • in the afternoon, all inventors will have an opportunity to present their invention to many of their fellow students as well as tour the Invention Fair with their class so they have a chance to see the other inventions

In the evening, we are inviting all inventors to return to Sloat so that they may have a chance to do the following:

  • present their inventions to the greater Sloat community as they tour the inventions set up in the auditorium
  • present their inventions to the Sloat Parent Panel (small groups parents in the fields of science, medicine, architecture, and engineering) who will dive a bit further into your child’s invention process and ask some “next step” questions to keep the ideas and creativity flowing in these young inventor’s minds
  • visit the Exploratorium’s interactive exhibits (will be held in the library)
  • visit UCSF’s three Science Stations for hands-on scientific activities (will be held in the main lobby)


NOTE: the first 1/2 of the evening (6:30-7:15pm) should be dedicated to either presenting their inventions in the auditorium or checking out the Exploratorium and UCSF activities, and then during the second 1/2 of the evening (7:15-8:00pm) they should switch

If you’re in need of the Invention Design Sheet that went home a few weeks ago in the W envelope (which is not required for the Invention Fair, but many students have found it helpful to organize their thoughts) please see the attached document.

Thanks everyone in advance. This is sure to be a fun-filled event!

Laura Derosier

Co-President PCO