We have made the decision to close all schools tomorrow, Thursday, December 11th.

Given the urgency of our mission to educate all of our students and our role as stewards for the city’s children, we do not make this decision lightly.  It is based on close monitoring of weather developments and safety implications for our students and employees.

Please read the information below for critical communications messages for students and families and for how this decision impacts you as an employee. Connect with fellow employees to make sure that they receive and read this important information.

Communicate TODAY with Students and Families
Centrally SFUSD will post something on the website, send home a trilingual autodial, send a CCSF alert and inform the media. In addition, please follow your site’s protocol for any other ways you may have for communicating with students and families that schools will be closed tomorrow.

Remind students and families that Information for the public is on the home page of our website: www.sfusd.edu.  Encourage families to check there for the latest information on how the storm is impacting schools.  We will also be sending autodials with updated information.  Radio stations KCBS 740 AM or KGO 810 AM are also excellent sources of the most current information for families.

At this point, we expect that schools will be open as usual on Friday.  Check the SFUSD website for updates. If there are any changes to this plan, we will make a determination by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday at the latest.

Impact on Employees: Work Day Expectations
Given that we are closing schools on Thursday, we do not expect school site based employees to report to work. All other employees, such as Central Office staff and Buildings and Grounds staff will receive instructions shortly.

Keep Calm and Carry On
Together we will pull through this storm.  Thank you for being ambassadors for SFUSD and your school and for reassuring our community that we are in good hands.


Richard A. Carranza